How’s the market doing?

As I read media articles, I can’t help but notice that information lags behind usually by a good month.

So from someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes real estate, here it is:

About 70% of properties listed in January actually sold in Toronto as well as the GTA. In February, GTA was at 75%, Toronto was at 73%. March:…

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Five Steps to Buying a Condo – Pre-Construction vs Resale.

Five steps to buying a resale condo:
1. Get pre-qualified! Speak to a mortgage advisor to find out how much you can comfortably afford based on your current financial situation (downpayment you saved, debt you have, income and tenure of your current job, and your credit rating are the top determining factors). You’ll find out 2 things: 1, the maximum purchase price you qualify for in…

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New Mortgage rules

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Targeting foreign buyers smacks of scapegoating.

Watch Phil Soper, CEO of Royal LePage discusses implications of the new 15% foreign tax that took effect yesterday in Vancouver. According to a very small sample and short term report based on MLS sales just last week shows that the market literally stood still for the past seven days. Although the market in Vancouver has already showed signs of leveling over the pay few months, news of the tax was clearly a catalyst…

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Is this housing bubble going to burst?


As a real estate agent in Toronto, this is a question I have been getting a LOT lately.

Is this bubble going to burst?


How much higher will prices go before the market crashes?  Will there be a crash?  No one can afford these prices. What if I buy now but then the market crashes?….this has been the top concern on everyone’s mind.

The Vancouver real estate bubble…

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Zaha Hadid…Unique Does Work

..have you ever taken a stroll down the main street of your city, have you ever admired the buildings, have you ever gotten lost in the intricacy of modern architecture? Have you ever sat in an airport lounge looking high up on the ceiling? Have you ever spent time in a stadium, concert hall, theatre auditorium glancing over the crowds and wondering: who built this..? If you have, then you must also…

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“You’re a pit bull” – aka how to prepare your clients for a bidding war

2016 has started off no different than 2015 in Toronto’s real estate market. The Realtor (let’s just call her that for now) saw young couples’, retirees’ and other home buyers’ dreams fading away. She saw them Giving up hope on getting that security blanket, that pride, that shelter, the Catalyst for growing a family, making memories and having a safe place to return to every day.

See, plenty of times people don’t…

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Royal LePage named nation’s 2015 Outstanding Corporate Citizen

A first for the real estate industry

TORONTO, APRIL 14 – Royal LePage Real Estate Services has been named the 2015 Outstanding Corporate Citizen by the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA).  Royal LePage, Canada’s largest and oldest real estate firm, received this award for demonstrating sustained support for the local communities through its network of over 600 brokerage offices from coast to coast, and for philanthropic innovation on a national scale. The company’s 16,000…

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