What Not To Do When Starting A Business – a truly inspiring story by Richard Branson

“You never know when a business idea or partnership could materialize. It’s important to always be alert and receptive to opportunities, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. 

(Image from Virgin.com)

My daughter’s friend learned this the hard way. He’d recently launched a company, supplying emergency kits to boats. While on holiday he gained the interest of a wealthy…

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First Time Real Estate Investors’ 1.01

You’ve read the books. You’ve gone to the seminars. You’ve talked to all your family and friends about it. You have your Realtor, Lawyer, Accountant, Handyman, and Property manager ready, and you’ve prepped them well.

Now you’re ready and raring to go – you’re going to buy your FIRST investment property. But before you pull the trigger, make sure you understand the following, and implement them in your project plan to ensure…

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How to Choose the Right Tenant for Your Investment Property

After all the hours of research and stress involved in locating, inspecting and purchasing the perfect rental property, the next step is probably the most important part of the whole process – finding a good tenant.

Ontario is a pro-tenant province. Once the tenant moves in, they have the upper hand. It’s an unfortunate situation for the landlord if the tenant turns out to be less than perfect. Not to mention, the possibility…

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Tales from the Kitchen – bulthaup and their Story

“down the stairs, follow the hallway, the second door on the left” ..hmmm I know I’ve followed the directions and now I should be in the kitchen, and I am, but..this, this just feels different.. how can this be..so perfect, flawless, warm and inviting.. who does this, and what, again..what did they send me down here to get??

Tales from the Kitchen – bulthaup and their Story

In 1949, Martin…

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Don’t believe it’s impossible…..Believe it’s possible

There is a blaring truth that has stared me in the face many times over the last 8 years of building my real estate business.  From the beginning I took every opportunity to ask the very best agents one question:

 “What’s the secret to your success?”

Sometimes I’d get elaborate responses like “Well you need to start by going to the office every day at the same time, setting up…

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“So what is slowing down..again??”

As we move more into the summer, the sales in Toronto’s market keep growing. Sales were up by 15.4 per cent year-over-year to 10,180 transactions. The number of new listings has also grown compared to the same period in 2013, which shows that the competition between buyers increased.

The average selling price in June was $568,953 which is a 7.4 per cent increase compared to June 2013. The strongest price growth in the…

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Enormous Growth in Luxury Home Market Figures

A number of markets across the country are seeing a strong pick-up in the number of high-end homes that are selling. Real estate industry players say they think it’s because people are less worried about the housing market’s future. As always, this is still an exciting gamble, but one that it appears more wealthy individuals are now making.

A record 754 homes sold for more than $1.5-million in the Greater Toronto…

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“How is the market doing?”

The spring market started off on a strong note in the Greater Toronto
Area, with a 10.8 per cent year-over-year sales increase reported by
Greater Toronto REALTORS® during the first two weeks of April.
The robust increase in sales speaks to the fact that home ownership remains
affordable in the GTA. The majority of home buyers purchase a home using a
mortgage. A household earning the…

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The Buyer Representation Agreement

Guaranteeing You the Very Best in Real Estate Service


When it comes to just about every kind of contract, signing on the dotted line makes us all a little bit nervous.

When selling a home, most people are aware they sign a Listing Agreement with a REALTOR®.  There is, however, an agreement that REALTORS® ask their home buying clients to sign.  It’s an agreement that works in favour of buyers, guaranteeing the very best in real…

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GTA Realtors Release Monthly Resale Housing Figures

TORONTO, August 2, 2013 – Greater Toronto Area REALTORS reported 8,544 residential sales through the Toronto MLS system in July 2013.  Total sales were up by 16 per cent compared to July 2012.  Over the same period, new listings added to Toronto MLS and active listings at the end of the month were up, but by a substantially smaller rate of increase compared to sales.

“Last month’s sales represented the best July result since 2009…

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