The World’s Most Expensive TV

Have you ever wondered what the world’s most expensive TV was? Ok, so we go ahead and do the internet search and find Mr. Hughes’ 55 inch diamond encrusted Supreme Rose Edition Prestige HD, encased in 28 kilograms of 18 carat gold with the glowing price tag of $2,260,000… Ridiculous? Not even close. I’d personally prefer to call it “ingenious” and as long as the clients that are willing to fork out the money…

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China… The Juggernaut Influencer of Luxury Real Estate Trends… (aka Andrea’s first trip to China to build strategic relationships with Elite Buyers)

Where do I even begin with describing the whirlwind of the past 2 months of preparing, traveling, and readjusting from one of the most eventful trips I’ve ever experienced? Before I dive into the story, I’d like to warn you. You may read some personal reflections (at times perhaps a little self-indulgence), so please take it with a grain of salt and just enjoy the story 🙂

Well let’s start with the why. Why did…

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GTA Realtors® Release Monthly Resale Housing Figures

TORONTO, July 4, 2013 – Greater Toronto Area Realtors reported 9,061 sales through the Toronto MLS system in June 2013 – down by less than one percent compared to June 2012.  Over the same period, new listings were down by a greater rate than sales, sugesting market conditions became tighter.

“The sales picture in the GTA improved markedly in the second quarter of 2013.  While the number of transactions was still down compared to 2012,…

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New Poll Shows Continued Strong Public Support For Eliminating Toronto Land Transfer Tax

TORONTO, June 14, 2013 – With the City of Toronto’s Executive Committee expected to review a City staff report on options for phasing out the Toronto Land Transfer Tax in coming weeks, a new poll is showing strong public support for eliminating this tax.

“The public continues to feel strongly that the Land Transfer Tax should be scrapped.  Torontonians know that the land transfer tax is bad for our City, and they want City Council…

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GTA REALTORS® Release Mid-Month Resale Housing Figures

June 18, 2013 – Greater Toronto REALTORS reported 4,620 sales through the Toronto MLS system during the first two weeks of June 2013.  This result was up by 4.7 percent compared to the first two weeks of June 2012.  Year-over-year sales growth was driven by the regions/counties surrounding the City of Toronto.  Home sales in the City were basically flat in comparison to last year.

“The expectation was for an improvement in home sales in…

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Harmonized Sales Tax (HST)

Help Clear Up Public Confusion on HST and Resale Homes

Even though consumers have been dealing with the HST since July 1, 2010, it appears there is still confusion about its applicability to the purchase price of resale homes.

GTA REALTORS® have been working to help dispel HST misconceptions. Consumers buying a resale home do not pay HST on the purchase price of the home. On the other hand, if you are buying a newly constructed…

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Real Estate Market Update for May 2013

Greater Toronto Area REALTORS® reported 10,182 sales through the Toronto MLS system in May 2013, representing a dip of 3.4 per cent compared to May 2012. Sales of single-detached homes in the GTA were up by almost one per cent compared to the same period last year, including a three per cent year-over-year increase in the City of Toronto.

“The sales picture in the GTA has improved markedly over the past two months. While the number…

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Here comes the spring market! – Mid-monthly stats for real estate sales in the Greater Toronto Area

TORONTO, ONTARIO, Apr 16, 2013

Greater Toronto REALTORS(R) reported 4,260 sales through the TorontoMLS system during the first 14 days of April, representing a slight dip of less than one per cent compared to the same period in 2012. The reported sales figure did benefit from one extra working day compared to last year, because Good Friday in 2012 fell in April.

“April sales to date, which were driven by strong growth in single-detached…

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Smart growth strategies – introducing Randolph Wong


I’ve been looking to add a new key member to my elite task force for a few months now. My thought process was: I need someone who will fill a very specific need while helping me with administration and furthering growth. I’ve decided to take my time until the right individual would come along. One day I got a call from our in house social media expert. She sounded very excited when she gave…

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Real Estate Market Update for March – how did the luxury niche do?

Greater Toronto Area REALTORS(R) reported 7,765 transactions through the TorontoMLS system in March 2013 – down 17 per cent compared to 9,385 transactions in March 2012. While the year-over-year dip in March sales followed the trend that has unfolded since mid-way through 2012, it is also important to note that the Good Friday holiday was in March this year versus April in 2012. Generally speaking, there are fewer sales reported on statutory holidays…

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