China… The Juggernaut Influencer of Luxury Real Estate Trends… (aka Andrea’s first trip to China to build strategic relationships with Elite Buyers)

Where do I even begin with describing the whirlwind of the past 2 months of preparing, traveling, and readjusting from one of the most eventful trips I’ve ever experienced? Before I dive into the story, I’d like to warn you. You may read some personal reflections (at times perhaps a little self-indulgence), so please take it with a grain of salt and just enjoy the story 🙂

Well let’s start with the why. Why did this never-settling, aspiring, out-of-the-box thinking Realtor decide in the first place to embark on the journey of discovering new connections, meeting new buyers, and diving into a beautiful and unknown culture all by herself? The answer is simple: it’s just what I do. I dream. Once I have said dream in my head after weighing  the risks and rewards, nothing can stop me from orchestrating the future so that the dream becomes reality. I’ve always been that way. In simple terms, once I want something badly, I achieve it with unwavering  focus (sometimes to the detriment of other things). I don’t need to know the how, I just need to have a clear picture in my mind. The how somehow always lines up. It was no different in  this case.

I’ve been dreaming about going to China for a few years now. Having recognized the massive opportunity to connect my expertise (luxury homes that is) with countless people eager to invest in Canada,  I knew I’d better start studying Chinese, have a darn good translator, and start building bridges with China’s Elite.

Amongst many other marketing strategies, I heard about an event called The Luxury Property Showcase. It is geared toward Chinese CEO’s and other affluent individuals interested in buying property abroad.  When I saw the video for the event I was very impressed with the level of sponsors and the organization. Let me tell you the event did not disappoint. From the ultra luxurious hotel to the quality of the exhibitors and special vip parties, it all came together as one fabulous package.

The 3 days of the actual event went by in a flash. To summarize the event in numbers, we are talking about 20 hours on your feet each day, hundreds of visitors spoken to, about 100 leads, $xxx spent, and countless laughs with the rest of the team who ended up joining forces with me on this amazing journey (to be continued).


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