The Beijing Luxury Property Showcase Advantage – an innovative marketing strategy

The Beijing Luxury Property Showcase advantage

If you follow the luxury real estate market, or any luxury industry for that matter, you are most certainly aware of the influence of buyers from mainland China.

I’ve had the privilege of marketing a portfolio of luxury homes locally, and about 70—80% of buyer are either newly immigrated, or foreign investors from mainland China. Having seen the continuous growth of this trend over the years, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I had to start getting really creative with marketing ideas to cultivate this tremendous opportunity. Apart from creating Chinese online presence through various media, I came across an exhibition called the Luxury Property Showcase.

Organized by The Luxury Properties Showcase Ltd. and fully supported by LP – Luxury Properties Magazine, the 2013 edition of LPS BEIJING – The Luxury Properties Showcase – will be held on May 31 – June 2, 2013, at the luxurious Legendale hotel Beijing.

China’s most exclusive display of international luxury properties and developments, LPS BEIJING 2013 is more than just a property show, but an original concept, specifically designed for the China market.
LPS BEIJING 2013 will present in a prestigious and glamorous environment a wide range of high-end and prestigious properties from China and from all over the world. LPS BEIJING 2013 is an invitation-only event that attracts a highly targeted audience of luxury properties buyers.

As part of the event I will be holding a seminar to Chinese investors on why Toronto is the top choice for foreign home buyers. I will only be taking the most premium properties in my portfolio. If you have a luxury home in the Greater Toronto Area you are thinking about selling, I would love to discuss the opportunity to include it with the few select homes I will be marketing overseas.

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