Sellers’ Tips

The largest number of homes sell in March, April, May, and June in the Greater Toronto Area.

Market Conditions
If you need to move in a buyers’ market, list before buying. Conversely, in a sellers’ market, buy before selling.

The 3 Pillars of a Successful Sale
Price, PR, and Product. A fairly priced, well-presented property with proper exposure will always have the best chance of selling for the highest amount in the desired timeframe.

Marketing Strategy
Luxury homes are a different breed – as such, each and every property requires its own specific marketing strategy to find the right buyer. An “assembly line” approach simply won’t do justice to the unique attributes of a world-class estate.

Buyer Targeting
Who is my buyer? Multi-million dollar properties don’t just get sold to anyone. Matching up a qualified purchaser with a unique home is no small task. Know who would love the design of your home, who the location is best suited for, and whose lifestyle would be the perfect match. Be sure to ask your Realtor how he or she plans on reaching the right buyer.