Smart growth strategies – introducing Randolph Wong


I’ve been looking to add a new key member to my elite task force for a few months now. My thought process was: I need someone who will fill a very specific need while helping me with administration and furthering growth. I’ve decided to take my time until the right individual would come along. One day I got a call from our in house social media expert. She sounded very excited when she gave me the quick run-down: “Andrea, there is a new Realtor in our office, he is fresh, intelligent, a go-getter, and he also speaks Cantonese and Mandarin”.

So what was the specific criteria I was looking for? Someone who understands Chinese culture, and of course as part of it, the language.  This would be the only logical step to fulfill the need to communicate with Chinese buyers much more efficiently.  As the focus of my business has been unique and high-end properties, I’ve been proactive in employing strategies to connect with the right buyers.   I discovered that   80% of buyers (with or without realtors) visiting the luxury homes in my portfolio are from Mainland China. Along with deploying some very interesting marketing methods (which I would be happy to share with  you if you are looking for out-of-the box ideas to sell your luxury home), I decided to give Randolph a shot.

He has been great with very little supervision, sometimes “being thrown in the deep end right away”. I can now proudly say, “Our elite task force can serve you in 5 languages: English, Hungarian, German, Cantonese, and Mandarin”.

See Randolph’s bio on my executive team page.

Welcome, Randolph!



Feel free to reach out to me for expert advice and complimentary marketing strategy consultation for your Luxury Home you plan on selling.


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