Tales from the Kitchen – bulthaup and their Story

“down the stairs, follow the hallway, the second door on the left” ..hmmm I know I’ve followed the directions and now I should be in the kitchen, and I am, but..this, this just feels different.. how can this be..so perfect, flawless, warm and inviting.. who does this, and what, again..what did they send me down here to get??

Tales from the Kitchen – bulthaup and their Story

In 1949, Martin Bulthaup founded a furniture factory in Bodenkirchen in Bavaria, and started manufacturing kitchen cabinets and sideboards of exceptionally high quality. He focused on function and durability. In 1978, his son Gerd Bulthaup took to the reigns. Under his leadership, the company grew in leaps and bounds. Marc O. Eckert, the founder’s grandson and Gerd Bulthaup’s nephew, has been at the helm of the family business since 2010, building on the values that have made the brand strong; passion and consistency. These values have been at the heart of bulthaup’s business right from the start of this amazing success story. A passion for re-thinking space, the challenge of interpreting and re-interpreting kitchens, and the burning desire to take ideas beyond the previously conceivable: bulthaup does not simply launch new products, it creates genuine innovations.

bulthaup showroom_b3kitchen1

bulthaup is synonymous with the values of craftsmanship, authenticity and an unwavering refusal to compromise. Craftsmanship finds its expression in precise and perfect manufacturing, and beautiful design. Beauty in the shape of timelessness, order and balance. The bulthaup philosophy takes the “form follows function” principle to the next level. For bulthaup, function does not have an intrinsic value, it is the people each function serves who are important. bulthaup breaks free from rigid systems of organization. Their system b. was launched in 1982, consequently the company became the market leader and has continued to set new milestones ever since:

The bulthaup b3 system turns people into directors who determine their kitchen’s scenography. It can be adapted to individual needs and wants and can grow organically in line with changing imperatives. bulthaup b3 offers unlimited design freedom with a wide variety of cabinetry and material choices; all sleek, refined, and precisely engineered. Cabinets are hung from a frame so that they appear to float, while the wall conceals water, electricity and gas.

Inspired by the carpenter’s workshop, bulthaup b2 radically rethinks the concept of the kitchen and pares it down to the essentials. A kitchen “workbench” offers a work surface, stove and sink. It is complemented by two cabinets, one housing appliances and the other holding dishes, kitchen tools and food.

bulthaup b1 offers a clean and sculptural look. Focused on purity, perfectly thought through and precision-finished, it radiates the timeless beauty of sculpture and exudes simplicity right down to the last detail.

Now, more than ever, bulthaup is renowned worldwide for its luxurious, architecturally inspired kitchens. They offer their customers a comprehensive promise of quality, the security of seamless design solutions and confidence on all of the world’s markets, including Toronto.

bulthaup showroom_b2kitchen1

bulthaup Toronto‘s pristine kitchen furniture showroom is the go-to destination for design enthusiasts. Owner Stefan Sybydlo and his team pride themselves on their superb customer service, product knowledge, technical understanding and project delivery. They offer full-service solutions, evaluating your living space, and working with you to understand how you live, to create a kitchen with smooth flow and organization and maximum space and natural light.

bulthaup showroom_b3kitchen6

bulthaup Toronto offers complete solutions including appliances, lighting, furniture and accessories.

bulthaup showroom_b3kitchen5

With their expert assistance, your kitchen is bound to become a place with many meanings: a place of communication, a place to find peace and quiet, a place where you can feel at ease and at home. It will transform into a space for ideas and change, for lasting enjoyment and a new type of kitchen culture…

(images c/o Bob Gundu)

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